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Photographer from the Beach at Hartenbos, the Train at Santos, the Lighthouse in Mossel Bay, the Plantations in George or the Beautiful Wilderness

No degree, no award, no fuss. Just awesome photography with lots of smiles.


Hello. My name is Gerhard Coetzer, and I'm a full time professional photographer living in Hartenbos, Mossel Bay.

My photographic wings also span across most of the Garden Route to places like Danabaai, Vleesbaai, Boggomsbaai, George, Wilderness, Sedgefield and Knysna.


With all the gorgeous beaches around Mossel Bay, including two “blue flag” beaches at Hartenbos and Santos, what better backdrop can you ask for when I create your family portraits. Your photos are part of your holiday, so I include detail in the background. Without getting too technical here, I use flash (battery powered studio light) even in direct sunlight.


 I do more than just family, portrait and wedding photography. I also specialize in Real Estate / Property photography for your guesthouse and hosting sites like Airbnb. For more info on the other areas of photography, feel free to visit the different pages. Let me get back to family photography on the beach.


I work well with children, always trying to read them and interact to make them feel at ease. I know they would rather run in the water or play in the sand, so I try and get the group photo’s done as soon as possible. Then after that, I can join the kids in the water and sand for some fun and action.


Special needs are no problem, if you worry about getting a wheelchair on the beach, there is always a way. You are welcome to discuss any matter with me. And the four legged family are also welcome.


With a decade behind the camera, I can assure you I have a lot of experience, shooting in all fields of photography. I am equipped and knowledgeable to shoot at any time of day, even sometimes at night, and love shooting at sunrise or sunset when the sky is on fire. In the event of bad weather, I’m happy to reschedule where possible.


Afrikaans is my taal, maar google verstaan die ingels baie beter, en n uitlander gaan nie kop of gat uitmaak van ons taal nie. As jy hou van die fotos en jy wil meer weet in afrikaans, laat weet dan gesels ons oor n beker boeretroos.